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BPConf is a simple KDE configuration frontend for BashPodder by Linc Fessenden. BPConf contains BashPodder so you don't require anything else.

This program has now become KPodder so follow the link for the latest versions.

Source archives

  • 0.5.1 05/07/05 Source Size:704.6Kb

    Bugfix Release, Sorted out the problem with large Crontabs not working properly. Also fixed a problem with the Data directory, and some files merging the name rather than being place inside the directory.

  • 0.5 21/01/05 Source Size:704.7Kb

    Added the ability to get PodCasts directly from Konq if the website has set the mimetype of the file corectly. Some have it set to text/plain for various reasons. I also updated the documentation.

  • 0.4.1 13/01/05 Source Size:707.8Kb

    Added more error checking for dealing with Crontabs. Should now be able to better inform the user of problems. Also if no crontab exists, and the interval chosen is "Never" No crontab file is created at all.

  • 0.4 04/01/05 Source Size:704.5Kb

    Fixed a few bugs in the feeds dialog, added documentation, and it now has validation checking for the Interval Dates input.

  • 0.3 31/12/04 Source Size:596.4Kb

    Added the ability to check what casts are available, and alter the logs as to what has been downloaded. Also it can get the name of the feed from the feed itself.

  • 0.2 28/12/04 Source Size:593.0Kb

    Made a lot of alterations to the internals and also added Never to the choice of intervals.

  • 0.1 24/12/04 Source Size:599.3Kb

    First Release