Version 0.3
Updated 29/06/04
Application view

CSGCalc is an experiment in BSP trees and wireframe CSG. Its part of a biggerr project to add realtime CSG drawing to the wireframe views in KPovModeler.

I've never got around to it and its been a while.

There are still some faults but most of it works well, and quickly.


The current available files are:

  • 0.4 18/02/08 Source archive Size:472.9Kb

    Fixed some more problems with prompting from Roy Jacobs.

  • 0.3 21/10/04 Source archive Size:598.8Kb

    Fixed a few more problems, and added some new features.

  • 0.2 17/10/04 Source archive Size:594.3Kb

    Fixed some problems.