Version 0.2.1
Updated 10/01/06

Kudus is my version of s Suduko game for KDE. It can generate some very easy and some firndishly difficult Suduko games.

It has options for loading and saving games to come back to later. You can create your own games, get hints or simply solve any Suduko. It even has a penciling in option, for helping you solve the more difficult puzzles.

The latest version is easier to use, and much better looking, if also has better support for printing.


The current available files are:

  • 0.3 22/02/08 Source 593.4Kb -- Deb Package (amd64) 105.9Kb

    A major rewrite of the whole game replacing the textboxes with generated graphics. better printing support and some major improvements/optimizations in the generator and solver.

  • 0.2.1 28/09/05 Source Size: 408.3Kb

    Fixed the libkdegames dependancy, so it should check for this now

  • 0.2 28/09/05 Source Size: 408.5Kb

    Made the generator faster, and added printing.

  • 0.1 20/09/05 Source Size: 406.9Kb

    First Release.